Coop Fee Worksheet

New Life ACES Home School Coop Fees: 19-20  (Recommend you print and fill out, keep for your records)
*Fees might be changed as teachers update their classes, double check ACES Fees grid to confirm all fees are finalized. (No Red)
Family Name:_________________________________
Total number of Children in ACES: _________
How many in group? Class Fee Total Class Fee
Nursery $2.00
PreK $15.00
Kinder $28.00
Gr. 1 $32.50
Gr. 2-3 $49.00
Gr. 4-5 $39.00
Gr.6 $34.00
Gr. 7-8 $27.00
Gr. 9 $52.00
Logic Elective $6.00
Spanish Elective $25.00
Total for Class Fees Above
Family Registration Fee $50
Total Coop Fees

Make your check payable to New Life ACES Home School Co-op
Class Fees listed in on FEE Page
Updated 9/5/2019