Registration Fee

We will collect $30 per family to cover coop expenses, including but not limited to concert expenses and Embrace Church rental fee.

Fee Worksheet:

Worksheet to assist in calculating your Family’s total cost, and to keep for your records. Click HERE for worksheet.

Class Materials Fees

Our teachers volunteer their time. The fees below cover the supplies and materials teachers purchase for the class. *Note: Items in Red are a place holder from the previous year and are subject to change, Black have been updated for the current School year.


Please note, once a family commits to ACES for the year and pays the family and student fees we are unable to refund any of the fees due to: our commitment to pay Embrace Church for the building usage fee (which doesn’t change when a family pulls out mid-year), the family insurance fee which is prepaid based upon the number of children in the coop, and the class fees which are divided up by number of students in each class and the teachers plan that ahead of time, also based on the number of students per class.